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VPRO Tegenlicht Meet Ip ‘Voice of Nature’

With the help of AI we learn more and more about the way animals behave, communicate and experience pleasure and pain. What does this mean for the way we interact with animals? Should we give animals a voice in our decision making and if so, how can we do that?

Great line-up featuring

  • Stephane Kaas, director of the VPRO Tegenlicht documentary ‘Voice of nature’.
  • UvA Associate Professor of Sustainability Law Margaretha Wewerinke-Singh will be speaking about the role of law in transitioning to sustainable societies (incl rights for nature).
  • Harpo ’t Hart (sound-artist and theatre maker) is curator for the Embassy of the North Sea, giving voice to the things, plants and animals in and around the North Sea.
  • UvA professor Judy Shamoun-Baranes researches birds with a strong emphasis on flight behaviour, using the unique UvA Bird Tracking System.

Programme from 12h-1330h, buffet lunch afterwards is included.

Registration is needed, please visit for all practical info.

See you there and then!

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