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SustainaLab is open for any cooperation in the field of sustainability. However, we do focus on specific themes. Our current focus is on zero waste, AI & sustainability and textile microplastics.

Zero waste

Together with researchers, entrepreneurs, policy makers and branche organisations SustainaLab identifies bottle necks on our way to a circular economy. Because various disciplines are needed to solve these issues, all UvA faculties are part of this journey.

AI & Sustainability

There is no doubt artificial intelligence (AI) will fundamentally change our society. In fact, it already does. Based on different fields of AI research at the UvA, SustainaLab is looking for ways in which AI can contribute to the transition to a future proof society.

Textile microplastics

The interdisciplinary research project SISTEM-NL aims to tackle microplastic pollution caused by microfibers released by washing textiles. Students can support this project by doing their laundry for free in SustainaLab and by filling out a questionnaire on their awareness of the issue and their willingness to adopt measures to decrease their microfiber emissions.

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