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VPRO Tegenlicht Meet up ‘Europe Derailed’

Why does it remain so complicated to travel across Europe by train, while the tracks are there and the borders are open? In this VPRO Tegenlicht edition, we will discuss the thorny issues and proposed solutions around this topic. 

Date: Thursday April 18th, 12.00 – 14.00 (lunch provided)

Location: REC Impact – The Floor, JK Building Roeterseiland (1st floor), Valckenierstraat 65-67, 1018 XE Amsterdam.

VPRO Tegenlicht edition of April 2024: ‘Europe derailed’

During the meet up we will discuss the Backlight documentary about the inefficiency of the European railway system. In a relatively small and united continent as Europe, there is a huge potential for public transport as an alternative for flying. The borders have been removed, the network is in place, yet crossing Europe by train often remains a huge undertaking. In the documentary, several pitfalls are shown, such as locomotive changes, conflicting regulations, different train detecting software and language issues. However, new developments and initiatives are also portrayed, pioneers take matters into their own hands to make a change. 

Check this link to watch the documentary.

During the meet up at SustainaLab, we will embed further on the topic of public transport as an alternative for flying within Europe. The line-up:

  • One of the documentary makers from VPRO Tegenlicht will digress more on the research and outcome of the episode.
  • Yannick van den Berg, Postdoctoral Researcher at University of Amsterdam, has dedicated his study to European legislation in relation to sustainable mobility practices. He will explain the aspect of European law and to what extent trains can serve as an alternative for traveling by plane.
  • Laura Sofie van der Reijden will embody the ‘consument’ and expert by experience perspective. Having traveled from Cairo to Cape Town, and from the Netherlands to Morocco only by public transport, she can tell us more about the considerations of traveling in a sustainable way. With her knowledge in anthropology and experience in photography, she will also touch on the combination of social inequality and sustainable traveling.
  • Sjoerd Wijnsma is Project manager Open Access at Arriva. As the person responsible for the route between Groningen and Paris that Arriva wants to fill in, he will elaborate on the struggles that the transport company faces.
  • Moderation: Bart Krull

It is time for a public debate!

There will be plenty of room for questions and sharing insights, do not hesitate to join us on the 18th of April! 

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