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VPRO Tegenlicht Meet Up ‘The Disposable Society’

Today, we live in a world where consumption is the norm. More and more articles that we buy or use end up as trash or garbage in just a few years. Two forces collide: design and sustainability. Designers aim to create aesthetically appealing products that tempt us to make purchases. But how does this align with the growing need for sustainability? Do we need to change our designs, extend the useful life of our products, or alter the way we treat our products after we’ve ‘used’ them? In this episode of Tegenlicht, we explore the dilemma between design and sustainability and its impact on our planet. Do you create a product for 100 years or for 2 years? And are we willing to pay the true cost of a product that lasts for 100 years? And do consumers even want such a product, or would it not be appealing to them?

Guest speakers:
VPRO Tegenlicht documentary director:  Roland Duong
Brightloops CEO: Ellen Mensink
XR NL Fashion Action: Rots and Kyra
UvA Assistent Professor: Cameron Brick

Bart Krull

The program:
We start the meet-up with a conversation about the production process of the episode. We’ll have Roland Dulong, director at VPRO Tegenlicht, join us for this discussion. Following that, we’ll talk with Ellen Mensink, a clothing manufacturer from brightloops, who is working towards making the fashion industry more sustainable. Exploring alternative approaches to sustainability, we’ll have a discussion with, among others, a key member of XR NL Fashion Action. There will also be ample time for you to ask questions and participate in the conversation. At the end of the event, a warm vegetarian lunch will be served.

You can see the Tegenlicht documentary here: ‘Disposable Society’

There will be plenty of room for sharing your questions and insights. So join us on Tuesday October 31, 1200-1400h (including warm vegan buffet lunch at 1330).

SustainaLab, Matrix ONE, Amsterdam Science Park 301

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