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VPRO Tegenlicht Meet Up ‘The price of AI’

Behind the creative possibilities of AI lies a reality of extraction and exploitation on an industrial scale, with major consequences for the earth and humans. We rarely dwell on the resources needed to fuel this technology and keep it running.
To discuss the true cost of AI, we welcome
Arnout Arens (researcher of the VPRO Tegenlicht documentary ‘The price of AI’)
Jelle Zuidema (associate professor in Natural Language Processing, Explainable AI and Cognitive Modelling at the UvA) – will explain what AI is and how it works.
Pepijn de Reus (student AI at the UvA) co-wrote a paper on the energy cost of privacy enhancing data.
Marco van der Werf (founder of Bit) will explain how AI can be used for a more sustainable world.

See you at SustainaLab, Matrix ONE, Amsterdam Science Park 301.
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